We Coloradans have every right to be proud of our land. With over 38,900 farms and ranches spread across 32 million acres, and even more food processors and manufacturers besides, we produce some of the finest and most diverse food and agricultural products in the nation.

With more than 3000 members and growing, all you need to do is look for the Colorado Proud logo at grocers, farmer’s markets and restaurants to support local businesses.

Three Reasons to Buy Local

Grow the Local Economy
Buying local supports Colorado farmers, ranchers, greenhouses, food manufacturers, and so much more. Help us keep our dollars in-state while supporting members of your community. 

Protect the Environment
In addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by shrinking supply chains, supporting local farms and ranches helps preserve invaluable open spaces and wildlife habitats.

Invest in Your Own Happiness
Food doesn’t just fill our bellies. Food excites the senses and brings us together. The better the food, the better the experience, and on that count, Colorado has so much to offer!

For over 20 years, Colorado Proud, a program of the Colorado Department of Agriculture, has worked to connect local producers with local communities of buyers. Together, we grow Colorado’s economy by bringing the bounty of our land and its people to your plate.

Learn what’s in season, get recipes, meet producers, and find farmer’s markets.

Do you grow, raise, or make food and ag products here in Colorado?

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