6500 Arapahoe Road
Culinary Center
Boulder, Colorado 80303
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Boulder Valley School District

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Boulder Valley School District's School Food Project makes high quality school food with an emphasis on clean labels and local food. We serve over 15,000 meals each day. We use healthier, locally sourced, and organic ingredients whenever possible, and we avoid highly processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, chemicals, dyes and food additives. All of our beef and chicken on the bone and nacho meat is hormone- and antibiotic-free and our bulk milk is local and natural. Salad Bars are offered daily at every school and are stocked with fresh, delicious and when possible, local farm fresh produce. Our interactive food and nutrition education programs make eating healthy food fun for students of all ages. Through our programs, BVSD kids learn where food comes from, what fresh food tastes like, and even how to grow and cook their own food. Our food is prepared in our 33,591-square-foot facility, then is shipped daily to schools for finishing. The Culinary Center features a loading dock with a fresh food processing area for deliveries, three food prep areas, abundant storage, a blast chill area, and business spaces. Features such as precise temperature control and separate areas for preparing raw meat and fresh veggies promote food safety. Production of food at one location provides more control over quality and waste.

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