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Pagosa Springs, Colorado 81147
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Tooth & Gill Mushroom Co.

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Our mission goes beyond just offering an assortment of fresh, locally cultivated mushrooms; it's about nurturing your well-being and empowering your path to better health through wholesome, life-giving foods. At Tooth & Gill Mushroom Co., we believe that good food and good health go hand in hand. Each mushroom variety we cultivate, from the brain-boosting lion's mane to the robust and earthy maitake, is carefully grown with love and dedication and packed with natural goodness. Only the absolute freshest mushrooms make their way from our sustainable farm to your kitchen. We take pride in knowing you'll savor the difference and appreciate the love and care that goes into our produce. By choosing Tooth & Gill Mushroom Co., you're not just elevating your meals to a whole new level of taste and nutrition; you're also supporting local farmers and embracing healthy food options.

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