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Dannie is a stay-at-home dad who wants the kids to eat healthier, especially during breakfast. So, he started experimenting with syrups, mixing, matching and calculating all-natural ingredients and flavors. His daughter is the pickiest eater, so when she approved the taste, he knew he was onto something. With the encouragement of his mom, Dannie started giving it to friends and family to sample. They loved it, he loved making it, and from creating the labels to taste testing, the kids loved being a part of the process. Our unique flavors of all natural syrup can be added as a tasty topper to just about anything from pancake and breakfast foods to coffee and beverages and even popcorn and desserts! From our family to yours, we inspire the joy of creating kitchen memories through food, family, and fun by producing high-quality, all-natural homemade syrups and ready-to-blend breakfasts while supporting sustainable packaging.
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