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West Wolf Medicinals

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West Wolf Medicinals crafts powerful lifestyle blends that pair potent organic medicinal mushrooms with complementary organic herbs to enhance adaptogenic qualities. Each blend integrates seamlessly into everyday habits, from mental clarity to immunity to sex drive to support your ideal sense of focus, energy, and desire. We know mushrooms because we grow them. We believe that medicinally potent fungi grow best in chemical-free environments that support their natural abundance following regenerative farming techniques that prioritize soil health. This agricultural practice informs our selection of trusted sourcing partners for all of our ingredients. Simply Pure—No fillers, mycelium, or grains ever. Only 100% mushroom fruiting bodies Highest Standards—3rd party scientifically tested for exceptional quality and bioavailability Superior Potency—Guaranteed active compounds >20% Beta Glucans Big Heart—1% Give Back of sales to be of benefit to the world. We give to the western environmental organization that protects and supports wilderness and Wolves : Wild Earth Guardians

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