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Longmont, Colorado 80504
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Oven Spring, Home Kitchen

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Featuring recipes from traditional style dessert breads that are reworked into original, modern dessert breads. Styles such as Spiced Pumpkin- Cherry, Dark Stout Gingerbread (featuring locally brewed Lefthand Brewing Stout beer) , Old Fashioned Lemon with (homemade) Lemon Curd, and Maple-Butter Glazed Colorado Roasted Chili-Banana (featuring home tapped/bottled maple syrup from Pennsylvania). For Stout Month, we featured original bread recipes baked with locally brewed stout beers which support local Longmont Breweries such as Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout Bread, Topped with Marshmallow made from the namesake stout by 300 Suns Brewing. We use certified-humane eggs and strive for natural/organic/local ingredients at time of purchase.
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