7940 Hygiene Road
Longmont, Colorado 80503
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Aspen Moon Farm

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Aspen Moon Farm is USDA Certified Organic and utilizes Biodynamic Practices, so our produce is truly 100% natural and bee friendly. We work hard to provide our own on-farm fertility through biodynamic compost, cover cropping, and crop rotation. All our crops are carefully tended (many are hand-harvested) so you get the cleanest, freshest, and most nutritious produce possible. Our crops include a wide range of seasonal vegetables, beautiful organic flowers, succulent berries, starter plants, seeds, and heritage grains. We happily serve seasonal Farmers Markets in Longmont and Boulder on Saturdays (April-Nov). Our Farm Stand is stocked with the best of what is available each day and is located at 7940 Hygiene Rd, and is open seasonally (please check our website for current open hours). We have an email list that goes out to notify subscribers of our inventory and hours at the Farmstand and Farmers Markets. Ask to get on our email list! We are also very proud of our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. We offer Summer and Fall shares, along with a Flower share and a Fruit share (in partnership with Ela Family Farm). The CSA connects people to their local food source. Grown out of an old tradition, the CSA model has played an integral part in supporting the return of a strong local food system. The farmer offers ‘shares’ in the farm for sale to the local community in the winter or early spring season. By joining a CSA (purchasing a ‘share’), members enter into a partnership with the farm in which they share in the risk and bounty of each season. CSA memberships help pay for the early season costs of farming: seed, water, labor, equipment, and materials. At Aspen Moon Farm, our dedication to providing members with top-quality seasonal produce puts the freshest possible local food on your table. See the seasonal changes first-hand when you gather your vegetables at the Farmstand, by observing what is available on the tables at the weekly Longmont and Boulder Farmers Markets, or in your CSA share. More information on Aspen Moon Farm can be found at www.aspenmoonfarm.com or email us at info@aspenmoonfarm.com

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