4167 South Lewiston Circle
Aurora, Colorado 80013
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(303) 680-1829
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Bavarian Sausage Express

Farmers Market
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USDA Inspected
We are a small, family operated business since 1991 in Aurora Colorado, that sells in the Denver Metro area Farmer's Markets. We offer the ULTIMATE in quality European sausages and proudly sell sausages that are hand crafted personally for us by a 5th generation Master Sausage Maker from Austria, who uses only authentic European recipes. A dying breed! Many of these sausages are Herbert's special custom blend. These sausages are custom made in small batches from the finest high-quality ingredients (i.e., spices from Austria, Germany & Switzerland). We use only fancy Pork and USDA choice beef, with grade A natural casings. Our chicken is all natural. There are no MSG, additives or fillers.

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