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The Cappello’s story begins as all the greatest stories do. With two people on separate farms, on separate continents, growing root vegetables. Friends and co-founders Ben Frohlichstein and Stacey Marcellus had always shared a love for cooking and feeding people. But it wasn’t until they ditched their jobs in search of a life in which they could add a different kind of value to the world that this passion truly began to flourish. Ben went to work at an organic farm in Boulder, Colorado. Stacey crossed the Atlantic to work on one in Argentina. There, they planted the seeds not just of their first parsnips and potatoes, but of something bigger. A spiritual closeness to nature. An appreciation for the creativity of home cooking. And above all, the joy that comes from feeding yourself and others naturally and directly from the earth. Ben felt it when he used his parsnips to make his first puree, destined for the farm’s restaurant guests. When Stacey prepared gnocchi from the potatoes she’d grown herself, the delight on her host family’s faces overwhelmed her with all the al dente feels. Invigorated by their farm experiences, Ben and Stacey reunited in Colorado, determined to find a way to share their newfound love of cooking with simple, real foods. They began by experimenting with creating a new kind of pasta. One made from nutritionally relevant ingredients, with a taste and texture unrivaled by traditional pastas. A dish that could be enjoyed by all discerning pasta lovers, regardless of dietary restriction. Through their own journeys, Ben and Stacey had each uncovered the benefits of grain-free foods. Thousands of miles of pasta strands later, the very first almond flour fettuccine was born. And with it, the Cappello’s brand. Today, Ben and Stacey lead a team of spirited food lovers, guiding Cappello’s on its mission to set a new standard for frozen food. To shift the prepackaged paradigm in a nutritionally relevant and sustainable direction. To be a source of uncompromised delight for the body and spirit. To bring good and creativity into the world in the most deliciously unique paleo-friendly, grain-, gluten- and guilt-free ways.

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