2422 U.S. 6
Grand Junction, Colorado 81505
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Alarado Biscuit Company

Food Truck
4 Years
Locally Grown / Produced
No Sugar Added
Produced In-House
Walk-in Only
GRAND JUNCTION COLORADO’S PREMIER FOOD TRUCK! Alarado Biscuit Company opened its “window” for service in March of 2019 as The Buttered Biscuit. The idea behind the Alarado Biscuit Company was to offer a new and different breakfast option. Not your typical food truck, the Alarado Biscuit Company creates a unique experience. The Alarado Biscuit Company was developed with the idea to provide a unique breakfast experience with reasonable prices, while maintaining the flexibility that a brick and mortar does not offer. After acquiring our initial trailer in 2019, we quickly realized the demand for our idea and product was there, and within 6 months had our 2nd trailer on order! Our trailers are custom built from the ground up and totally self-contained; thus, not requiring us to maintain a commissary for our supplies. OUR GOAL Our goal is to provide a relaxed environment, with quality food at a reasonable price and service second to none. OUR VISION The vision of Brian and Charlene Thomas, the Alarado Biscuit Company was a long time coming. Brian has always had a love of cooking. Whether it was his first job as a cook at Bonanza, or cooking in one of the many hunting camps he ran across the country, he is always close to the kitchen. Along with the cooking, the importance of customer service was never lost on Brian.

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