5401 Terry Street
Mosca, Colorado 81146
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(719) 464-1933
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Mandala Pizza, LLC

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Mandala Pizza, LLC is managed and operated by fourth generation baker from New York, Desi Faraci, and her husband, Greg Hess. Experience the New York inspired taste with a variety of fresh toppings, accentuating hand tossed crusts. Mandala Pizza incorporates all natural, organic, Non-GMO, and locally sourced ingredients. With pizza, calzones, lasagnas, NY style bagels and Sweet Escapes gluten-free pizzas, Mandala Pizza offers choices for healthy and alternative lifestyles. “Feed your inner chi” is the message correlating with feeding the body’s life force with good, clean food. Desi and Greg are discerning with what they feed their family and offer the community wholesome ingredients stocked in their kitchen. Products include frozen pizzas and Italian foods sold at participating Colorado stores and CSA programs, food truck retail services to experience fresh pizza at area festivals as well as catering services for special events.

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