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Hey, Good Lukken!

Locally Grown / Produced
Our tasty cookies have deep Belgian roots! With Belgian ancestry on both sides of my family tree, I grew up surrounded by rich traditions, but richest of all was our family's lukken cookie recipe, producing crispy, buttery, delicious cookies with a hint of whiskey flavor. My great-great-grandmother, Flavie Dewaele, emigrated from Belgium with the recipe, making her cookies one-by-one with an iron heated over a wood stove. We still use Flavie's original recipe today and I have fond memories of gathering in my grandparent's home each November to produce thousands of Belgian cookies to gift to our family and friends for the holidays. We went from tradition to business during the holiday season of 2021-2022, bringing Belgian lukken cookies to markets along Colorado's Front Range. It's been a treat to see how many people enjoy these special cookies. "Lukken" means "to succeed" in Dutch, so from my family to yours, we wish you luck and love with every box!

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