1630/a424 30th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80303
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Organic (Certified)
Business Attributes
Gluten-Free Friendly

Etalia Foods

Food Manufacturer
Baked Goods Manufacturing
Frozen Food Manufacturing
All Natural
FDA Inspected
Locally Grown / Produced
No Artificial Colors
No Artificial Flavors
No Preservatives
No Sugar Added
Non-GMO (Not Certified)
Organic (Certified)
Etalia makes fresh & delicious, home-baked artisan pizza. It's the only gluten-free & organic pizza on the market. It's premium, restaurant-quality pizza that people can enjoy at home. Our dough is fresh/raw (not pre-baked like other frozen pizzas), so it rises & bubbles up as it bakes into a delicious crispy, airy outer crust and chewy center. We use simple, clean, organic ingredients, so our pizza is not only delicious, it's also better for you. Our Nudo Pizza Dough is also plant-based, dairy-free, and free of all top-8 allergens. This is the pizza the whole family will love. From freezer, simply top and bake to enjoy fresh-baked pizza at home that's both delicious and healthy. 100 % Happiness. Guaranteed. Our pizza launched in Whole Foods and Natural Grocers in June 2020 and is available online at www.etaliafoods.com with national delivery. Etalia is proudly woman-owned.

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