8387 Cuerna Verde Rd
Rye, Colorado 81069
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A Diamond Brand, Ltd./DBA Curtis Ranch

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American Grassfed Certified
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No Artificial Flavors
No Hormones Ever
No Preservatives
Non-GMO (Not Certified)
Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC)
Curtis Ranch Grassfed Beef is a family owned and operated Certified Grassfed beef producer located in Rye, Colorado. We are Certified with the AmericanGrassfed Beef Association and Beef Quality Assurance and that means we follow these strict standards: -Raised on grass pasture and never confined to a feedlot -Never treated with antibiotics, hormones, or steroids -Not genetically modified (Non GMO) -No additives, artificial flavors, or coloring -Humanely treated -Born and raised on an American family ranch All of our Certified Grassfed Beef comes from the best Black Angus cattle; rich in flavor, low in fat with many health benefits. Consumers can experience the goodness of humanely raised, USDA inspected certified grassfed beef while supporting a Colorado family grown business.

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