1895 Quebec Street
Denver, Colorado 80220
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(313) 443-8927
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Bully Boy Baking

Baked Goods Manufacturing
4 Years
Bully Boy Baking, founded in 2019 in the Denver metro area, we specialize in crafting premium cinnamon rolls and baking mixes. Our philosophy is simple: quality ingredients lead to exceptional taste. We're committed to using top-notch components, like grass-fed butter and a carefully blended cassia cinnamon mix. Our ethical practices extend to cage-free eggs, ensuring great taste and animal welfare. We prioritize natural, non-GMO wheat and spare no effort in sourcing the finest vanilla for an ultra rich flavor. Supporting local communities is at our core, as we partner with local farmers and suppliers for fresh, high-quality ingredients. Experience the difference with Bully Boy Baking.

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