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Castle Rock, Colorado 80109
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Grateful Planet Foods

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Grateful Planet Foods is Saving the Planet One Delicious Meal at a Time! Mama K and son Chef Saer stopped eating animal products after learning about the extent of the environmental impact from the animal industry. Mama K decided to quit her 20-year Program Manager career and use her powers to work with son Saer to enable the human movement to plant-based diets. Chef Saer is living his dream, creating amazing plant-based food for people, and watching them love it. We know that to enable the movement toward plant-based diets, we have to make the food AMAZING. So we do! Our three seitan proteins Chxsten, Juicy Beefe, and Beefy Taco are made in Lakewood Colorado. Our baguettes are made by Aspen Bakery in Denver. All of our sauces and salsas are made from scratch as well, in our Lakewood-based kitchen commissary. We just opened in Oct 2022, and are now working toward sourcing our produce locally as well. Our tacos, sandwiches “Sandos”, and award-winning seitan “Snackers” are outstanding… and earth-friendly! Let us impress you. Thank YOU Human Steward!

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