11500 County Road 110
Kiowa, Colorado 80117
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Blue Ridge Farm LLC

Livestock Producer
All Natural
Blue Ridge Farm LLC is a small Colorado ranch raising AGA-Certified grass fed beef - sold directly to you, the consumer. We use the best Angus crossed cattle to produce excellent marbling and taste while feeding only grass in a sustainable family farm environment. We are a cow-calf operation raising beef steers for a full two years to benefit from the natural maturation cycle. Our herd is free from hormones, GMOs, synthetics and antibiotics and is locally processed by a family business to reduce animal stress. Our beef is dry aged for superior taste and tenderness, is low in fat, cholesterol and calories and tastes absolutely delicious! We raise beef....the way it should be. Discover how we can help you eat better at: www.BlueRidgeFarmBeef.com.

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