Support Local Businesses & Keep Colorado Strong

Now is the moment for us to come together to support our state and buy local food, groceries and goods. Colorado Proud has put together the following list of Colorado farmers, ranchers, retailers, chefs, restaurants, and food and beverage manufacturers providing food, products and services direct to consumers.

Baked Goods

Raquelitas Tortillas

Raquelitas Tortillas – Since 1960 Colorado’s premium tortilla baker, is the brand that today’s chefs demand and trust. Each delicious bite delivers premium curated Colorado hyper local ingredients, chef driven flavors crafted from healthier grains.

(303) 296-3111
Where to Buy

Raquelitas Tortillas

Premium Foodservice distributors: Altamira, Italco Foods, Roma/PFG, Shamrock, Sysco, US Foods