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Now is the moment for us to come together to support our state and buy local food, groceries and goods. Colorado Proud has put together the following list of Colorado farmers, ranchers, retailers, chefs, restaurants, and food and beverage manufacturers providing food, products and services direct to consumers.

Packaged Foods

ReMarkable Foods LLC

Colorado’s best handcrafted crunchy apple chips. Appleooz are made with a variety of fresh apples, organic and natural fruit juices and cinnamon; then slowly dehydrated to a delicious crunchy texture. Naturally Boulder’s 2014 Pitch Slam winner.

(800) 822-7308
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ReMarkable Foods LLC

Lucky's Market, 3960 Broadway #104, Boulder, CO 80304 - (303) 444-0215 The Apple Shed, 250 S Grand Mesa Dr, Cedaredge, CO 81413 - (970) 856-7007 Big B's Delicious Orchards Cafe, 39126 CO-133, Hotchkiss, CO 81419 - (970) 527-1110 Amazon Store: